Monday, February 23, 2009

The Big Chart Fruit Fight

I've taken to eating rather a lot of fruit lately. Aside from an ongoing effort to improve my overall diet (red meat and caffeine really aren't a good basis for a happy healthy life - take my word for it...) or emulate my latest telly box heroes, I've found that I rather like it.

And the more I eat, the more I like.

Apples are good. They're crunchy and flavoursome. Apparently there are compounds in the skin that make you feel full up, and their juice can help alleviate cognitive decline.

Oranges are also good. They're sweet and juicy. They can lower cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure and even help to stop your nose running.

But which is better?

There used to be only one way to find out.

Now there's another: The Big Chart®.

It's twenty minutes, but it'll change the way you look at every thing. I personally found illumination at 05:40. I hope you do too. (Especially if you're an engineer.)